Wild Animals That have Rarely Been Seen

Jay Kakade

Wild Animals That have Rarely Been Seen

The world we live in is full of crazy and Colourful Creatures, but some are seldom seen and we give them title of Mythical Creatures. From deep Oceans to trees this Creatures can hide like anything anywhere. Hold Your Breadth and grab on your Binoculars to see Creatures which are rarely been seen.

1) Curious Cuscus.

The Dense Forest of Northern Guinea is home of not thousands but Millions of Species. But there one species Hiding in darkness and Confusing as it is Captivating. Cuscus which looks like a cross between Cat, Fox and a monkey. Though we don't know much about it but what we know is fascinating. 
Those Snake-Like Eyes are very useful in seeing in Dark much like cat and fox. Cuscus has vertical Pupil which is excellent in living in Dark, Which also helps in blocking harmful sunlight during day hours.
Cuscus's freaky furs balls are Arboreal which means they live on Trees.
Their Arched Claws and 20 inch long tail nimbly navigate through Trees, Mainly feeding on Fruits and Leaves.
Though they seems to be safe by hiding but they are on the verge of Extinction. Deadly deforestation and Hunting has made them extremely Endangered.
This is all we know about this Creature. We even don't know how many of this are Endangered.

2) Hidden Desman.

Hidden Desman in Catalonia's All-Purenew National Park, a rare combination of a rat, a mole and a Platypus. Though living on ground it totally remain undetected. This little creature is an Pyrenean Desman.
Desman, an carnivorous mainly feed on insects and fishes by creeping into mud, water and rocks. This are amphibians which can close their nostrils and ears while swimming.
As this Desmans are difficult to spot scientists have searching for their Poop. This is a way to spot Their DNA.

3) Gooty Beauty Spider

 Gooty Beauty a Scary Spider though amazingly Beautiful. This Sapphire spider was first spotted in Southern India in 1899, which eventually disappeared for almost 102 years and then again spotted in 2001.
You would think how can a 8 inch big blue spider disappear for so long period. This is because this Spider is a shy type. It will try to get away from you instead of attacking.
This Creature is a tree dweller which dwells above the eye level of Humans. Which makes the rarely spotable.
But if provoked, it can bite and it's venom will leave a human in extreme pain for a week.
It is nearly impossible to spot as it's habitat is destroyed by deforestation.

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