If Poison Expires will it be more poisonous ?

Jay Kakade

If Poison Expires will it be more poisonous ?

Well, Let's make a difference between Poison and Venom.

Venom is toxic substance produced by living body such as animals or plants. Usually venom are meant to produced by them for self-protection.

Venom are formed from protein that comes out from body. Most common example of venom is snake venom. 

Most of snakes have venom as their protective weapon to catch prey or protect itself from other predators.

Unlike venom, Poison is artificial toxic substance made in laboratory. Poisons can be considered as man-made toxics products for beneficiary purposes.

Poisons are far more fatal and destructive as  they are made from chemicals that damages body of living being

Venom is Proteins which comes out of body of a creature like Snake.Poison is artificially made using Chemicals.

Now, What will happen to Poison or Venom if it Expires ? Will it be more Poisonous or less Poisonous. 

Do Poison or Venom get Expire ?

Yes. This things gets expired. And if Poison is expired then it will be more deadly than before.

Botox is the most Dangerous Poison. Only a few grams are enough to kill a person.

Difference between toxins and Venom

There is seperate branch of medicine and zoology that determine whether toxic is venom or toxin

Toxin is mainly noxious substance produced by plants from various adaptions. Main differenciating factor to determine venom from toxins is mode of injecting and its dilevery.

History of Poison

Presence and use of poison lasts over 450 BCE when it was used to make weapon and anti-venom of some poisons. 

Large contribution to toxicology and other technology branches have been made by poison.

At ancient times, poison was used by humans to hunt animals and kill them as fast as possible.

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