What if this Animals Didn't Extinct ?

Jay Kakade
What if Titan boa and Krono Saur's Didn't Go Extinct ?
Ancient Creatures


If I ask you to immediately name the largest snake on Earth. You will say Anaconda, equivalent with the largest Crocodile Cassius weighting about a Ton. But what if I say this are babies in front of Kronosaurus and Titanoboa. This animals once lived on Earth covering Land as well as water.
First Let's understand our characters and then we will explore how would be our Earth if this Ancient Creatures lived still !

1) Titanoboa :

Titanoboa 1 (7684792594)
This giant ancient snake lived about 58 Million Years Ago. According to researchers, this was the largest predator for almost 10 Million Years. It's length measured is 13 meters i.e. almost 43 feet's. Which weighted about a Ton.
Can you just Imagine this giant creature ? If you measured the heights of two Giraffes then also Titanoboa's length would be more. This creature could have easily swollen modern days Hippopotamus, it is true that Hippos were not there at this time. Titanoboa preferred to eat fishes and loved in Swampy Areas. Addition to fishes, it also survived on crocodiles.
It killed it's prey by compressing body by rounding it. The pressure it exerted was 1.5 times more than that of Brooklyn Bridge.

What if Titanoboa Survived Still ?

If Titanoboa existed it would love to live in  Equatorial Tropics. For eg. It would be founded in Brazil, Columbia or Venezuela.
Here People would have been needed to protect their homes more carefully from Titan Boa. But this snake would have possessed no danger to Humans. But still to save homes from this, People would have to surround their houses with 5 Voltage Pencils and keep a stun gun just in exceptional case. Titanoboa had negligible chances of surviving in big cities as it had no surviving food in Cities. As shown in Anaconda Movie, Snake swollen man but this is not true. This big snakes rarely attack a Human.
Titanoboa in today's world would have survived on Alligators, crocodiles, Turtles and River Dolphins. But Titanoboa would have possessed a danger to Jaguars, Giant Armadillos, Manatees, Tapirs, Coughers, Caimans and Brazilian Otters. Therefore some animals would have been migrated to some safer places destructing Food Chains. In Dense Forests like Amazonia the insects and Fungi would have been grown in uncontrolled manner.

2) Kronosaurus

Though it was not as Giant as Titan boa, It was also a Blood Thirsty Animal. It's mouth opened up followed by hundreds of spiky teeth. It is equivalent to size of Orca i.e. Killer Whale. It could also achieve the length of 10 meters and weight about 12 Tons.
In appearance it was very similar to modern day Crocodiles but in enlarged manner. It was a skilled swimmers, probably attacked prey from deep waters. It had a strong rib cage, 4 flippers and a tail. It left it's prey with no chance to live.
It never encountered with Titan boa as both lived in different periods. Krono Saur's lived in cold waters while Titan boa lived in hard climate.

What if Kronosaurus Survived Till now ?

Kronosaurus  had a very little chances in surviving in todays conditions. Turtles at that time were as large as a kitchen Table, But Kronosaurus  would need many turtles of kitchen Table size, which is not possible in todays world. This Ancient Monster feed on Plesiosauri which had extinct. So Kronosaurus had to find an alternative to it. It would need millions of small fishes which will lead to shortage of fishes for Humans from oceans and seas. Travelling would have been very risky due to this underground Hazard.
Teeth of Kronosaurus are very expensive. It costs about $65,000/kg.

Return of this Creatures.

No, I am not Joking. It is specially Associated with Titanoboa. Scientists say due to global warming situations favorable to Titanoboa will exist. Leading re-Born of a Deadly Monster. But it will take Millions of Years.


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