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Jay Kakade
A Dyson Swarm Superstructure (21983905140) 
 Sun is the primary source of Energy for us. Due to Nuclear Fission, energy emitted by Sun is too huge. But energy received by Earth is not even 1/100th of Energy produced.

Due to the increasing demand for Energy, we need to learn to make great use of Solar Energy. One time will come, when all the energy sources on Earth will be exhausted. From here onwards, Earth will be dependent on Solar energy for its needs.
In 1960, Freeman Dyson suggested a mega structure that will surround our Sun and absorb it's almost all energy. This structure is called Dysons Sphere.

Dysons Sphere

With increasing development Sun is the only hope for us for satisfying our needs of Energy. According to Freeman Dyson, Dysons Sphere will cover most of the Sun and will be capable to convert it's most of the energy into electricity.
If we have infinite energy, then there will be no need to use any other sources like coal, nuclear energy or Windmills.

But the major problem here is, How to create this Structure ? Because the diameter of our Sun is 14 lakh Kilometres. And we will need more bigger diameter of sphere.
For this all the raw materials available on Earth would be needed. Therefore we need to destroy Venus and Mercury to extract it's raw material. We need to make structures to make finished product from it and transport to Construction place.

Why is It Impossible ?

But it is technically impossible to create a Dysons Sphere. Why ? Because Diameter required to cover the sun is extremely Huge. Raw materials from Earth, Venus and Mercury will not be sufficient for it.
We need to make such sphere which is transparent. Because if we covered the full sun then Darkness will rule in whole universe.
For this to happen, Our civilization should be so advanced which is not possible. But if we consider that we made such Sphere, then what ?

What if We created Dysons Sphere ?

If so, Then this megastructure will be able to provide us unlimited energy. Which make us fully independent in terms of Energy.
Electricity will be provided at free of cost. All cars, bikes and other appliances will be made to run on electricity.
We will be able to make flights to moon and Mars very easily. Creating colonies on Mars will no longer be a lifetime dream. It would be possible for us to live on Mars.

Such energy is much Enough to travel out of Solar system. We will be able to do inter-galactic traveling too.

There will be lock to petroleum and oil factories. Employee will be given forever holidays.
But, Employment will drastically increase in solar panel factories.
Problems of global warming due to anthropogenic factors will be no longer be a issue.

Defects with Dysons Sphere

Every coin has two sides. We saw positive points of Dysons Sphere. But it has negative points too.
A small defect or virus in Dysons Sphere will destroy whole system. And it will affect Our Earth.
If we made Sphere which control sunlight, then it will make some places to live without sunlight. And some places with more sunlight than needed.

As the sunlight received by Earth will be less, we may face many dangerous skin disease.

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