Moon's Wobble, How can Moon Flood the Earth ?

Jay Kakade
The Moon

How can Moon's Wobble Flood The Earth ?

This year It's been a terrible for millions of people. Our Mother Earth has hit us with Floods and wildfires. But Now the Moon could have a big surprise for us.
The Moon does more than it look pretty in the sky. Earth's satellite is responsible to control many factors on Earth. NASA has stated that the Moon can cause the serious devastations on Earth.
When will this happen ? What will happen ? Let's Discuss...

The Moon
The Moon is a bit 1/4th of size of Earth. Which is quite larger than other planet to moon-ratio. Earth's Gravitational force is strong and keeps us and everything on it by preventing it from floating.
The Moon too has it's own gravitational pull but it is weaker. If you want to see what is effect of Moon then look at the waters in Oceans and Seas.

Water from large bodies like ocean gets pulled upward by Moon's gravitational force. This causes High Tides and Low Tides.
When the Moon is over the oceans, water is pulled towards it creating a tidal bulge. When Moon is full, the high tides are highest and low tides are lower than usual.
This is normal thing that Moon does to Earth from Ages. But Moon does horrible things every 18.6 years. We've known about it since we discovered about it in 1928.

Moon's Wobbling

Moon's Wobbling

Moon starts it's cycle of wobbling. Wobbling is nothing but the regular swing in the Moon's orbit.
One half of the wobble cause tides to be lower on Earth. But the other phase of Moon causes tides to be higher.

Problems Exerted by Moon's Wobble


But this is Natural Thing. What's the problem ? Well, the problem is climate change is causing sea level to rise given support by Moon's wobble.
NASA is now issuing dire warning, The coastal cities may start receiving waters by 2030. And we have seen devastating floods in 2021 too.
Now, Moon's wobble will supress tides. But as Moon passes into orbit in 2030's we will start facing issues of massive flooding in coastal areas all around the globe. And this scenario will last for long 10 years.

In 2014, Sea Level was 3 inches higher than sea level in 1993. If you ask any climate scientists How fast is Sea level increasing ? Most of them will answer 1.8 inches per year. But things are accelerating. Melting of Greenland's ice has pushed this rise to 4 millimetre. 

Oceanic Currents

Moon does lot more than rising sea tides and flooding us with water. Moon affects oceanic currents, which has direct impact on weather. This can cause cooling and warming of water moving through specific area.
Weather event like El Nino, a climate cycle in Pacific Ocean starts when warm waters from western tropics shifts eastwards along the equator towards South America's coast. Water temperature combined with winds and direction create weather events like El Nino.


Moon also affects the Rainfall. Scientists have discovered that when the Moon is over the sky, it creates bulges in planet's atmosphere which changes the amount if rain falls below. It mostly affects the area in which the Moon is directly above.

Polar Temperature

Another surprising fact which you didn't know is that Moon affects our Polar temperature too. Satellite measurements have suspected rise of 0.56°c in polar temperature when Moon is high in the sky. Although this temperatures are slight but can affect the climate all over the globe.


Now consider, Almost world's 8 out of 10 biggest cities are situated near coastal area. According to NASA this coastal cities need to act fast and brace for future floods. Scientists have already stunned by massive flooding in 2021 especially in Europe.
In March, Extreme rainfall in Australia caused floods in new South Wales and affected regions to North Coast of Sydney which experienced worst flooding ever.
Most of the coastal area here was declared as natural calamities zone and more than 18,000 people were evacuated. This was a small event which damaged Billions of public property caused by climate change.

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