The Mystery Behind Black Hole

Jay Kakade
Black Hole
There is no doubt to say The Black Hole is one of the Mysteries of Space. In short, The Black Hole is an region where Gravitational Force is too strong that does not let any object to escape. Not even Light. 
Mathematically, Anything and Everything can become a Black Hole. If Density of an object is more, More is the Gravitational Force. Black Hole is Densest Object in whole universe. 
Therefore it's Gravitational force is also too huge which attracts each and every matter towards it. 
The only thing that can escape Gravity is Light. This is because light is the fastest traveling thing. But Density of Black Hole is so high that it captures Light too. 
Therefore, Scientifically no object from entire universe can escape from Black Hole.

How Can Everything be turned into Black Hole ?

Each object near can turn into Black Hole. This can be done by compressing that object. If we compressed Mt. Everest to 1 Nanometre then it will turn into Black Hole. Same way, If we compress Earth to a Peanut Size, Then Earth will turn into a Black Hole.

Formation of Black Hole

When An Star dies i.e. a Supernova. It collapses into inner side. Which leads to compression and this compression increases their Density, leading to Formation of a Black Hole.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon is a part of Black Hole where there are no chances of Light to escape. But outside the Event Horizon Light can trespass Black Hole.

Why Are They Called Black Holes ?

Well, Black Hole are objects which traps everything. As light is trapped here and it doesn't reflect. Therefore we can't see Black Hole. Hence, They are termed as Black Hole.

Black Hole Affects Time

If you are in a Spaceship which it revolving around Black Hole at safe distance, This Spaceship will experience low time passing as compared to Earth.
This is a way which you can do Time Traveling.

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