What lives at bottom of Mariana Trench

Jay Kakade

Mysterious Mariana Trench

Creatures in Mariana Trench

There is a deepest place on Earth called Mariana Trench. You would have heard it before. Haven't you ?

You would have taught in school, Mt Everest is the highest point and Mariana Trench is deepest point on Earth. This is all most of us learn. But very few are given larger account of mysterious of it, How and why is ? You can't imagine which secrets it hides and How strange are Creatures that live in here !

Position and Features

This deep furrow on Earth is in the west of Pacific Ocean near Mariana Islands, from which it's name is taken. Mariana Trench is V-shaped and 1,500 KM long and more than 11,000 metres deep.

Highest place on Earth Mt. Everest i.e. 10,000 metres can be easily dropped in this vast and bottomless channel. Still having a kilometre of water away from surface of Everest.


For Ages, it was believed Emptiness ruled and life there was impossible in such monstrous and deep place. But Soviet Ship proved this thought wrong. In 1958, Scientists discovered life at the depth of 7,000 km. With depth more evidences were found.
Scientists founded evidences of not just the inhabitance but eons or epochs has not affected their life in least. In addition  to Invertebrates, Bacteria and Mollusc there are numerous unidentified creatures.
Monstrous Creatures in Mariana Trench

Jacques Picard Research

1960, Jacques Picard was first to attempt to expedite gargantuan Gorge. Jacques and his friend with the help of deep water bath escaped Trieste reached the lowest place of deep ocean called as Challengers Abyss.

For more than 10,000 metres this two men stayed the for almost 20 minutes. They saw was enough to say there is life inside Mariana Trench. Pressure there is 1,000 times greater than normal sea level atmosphere. This pressure strong enough to bend a Iron Rod.
But local fishes somehow had no effect on them. Discovery of life at the depth of 10,000 metres is not only thing that makes it famous. Many years later, Jacques record books were declassified and blood runs cold in veins when we read his record books.

Jacques record a terrifying event during this research when they were half way in Mariana Trench. Jacques stated "a disc like object is accompanying our bath escape and object clearly visible from potholes. It is clearly seen that manoeuvring and looking at us. But after few minutes of this adventure this object disappeared."
What was it is still unknown. Our lack of knowledge about this phenomenon suggest that this was a creature from unknown underwater civilization or may be some ancient creature.

American Crew ship

1985, crew of American ship Glomar carefully studies the concavity by a ball shaped object called Hedgehog into the depths.
Suddenly, computer Situated started recording strange sounds. The cables holding it started stretching. Researchers rushed to bring this device to surface. But unknown force didn't let this happened. After 3 hours of struggle, the unknown force left it and probe was bought to surface.

After bringing probe to surface, it looked like probe was in the jaws of underwater monster. There was bite marks on plates and cables were torn off. But they officially said, It was due to a rock in which this probe was damaged. But they knew there was something huge which caused it.
In studies they found Mariana trench is covered with barren mountains and there were strange sounds which no one has ever heard.

But later studies conducted on probes states that the damage to probe was done by a relics. This may be due to attack from Megalodon shark. This Creature which weigh about 50 tons and 22 meters in length is a extinct ancestors of modern day sharks.
It is believed this Creature extinct about a million years ago. But this research states they have not extinct but found shelter in deep waters.
Megalodon in Mariana Trench

Japanese Crew Incidence

Later, A Japanese ship passing by the trench surface faced a severe blow from inside which made ship jump. Crew stated there was no reef in water and water too was calm.

Now here is the Latest example, Scientists found a strange looking Jelly-Fish. Scientists captured it in a video. This jellyfish emitted blue and red light from its tentacles which made it look like a alien. And it was too founded near Mariana Trench called Submarine peak of Enigma nearly about 3000 metres of depth.


Hereafter we can say, we are looking for aliens in wrong place. Aliens are right below us. We have studied space more than our sea. Still today 80% of sea is un-explored.
In future there will be amazing discoveries and we are here to tell you about it.

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