Illnesses Caused by Lack of Vitamin D

Jay Kakade

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very essential for Strong Bones Development and Brain Health. The Sun is a natural source of Vitamin D, There are some foods like Salmon, Eggs and Vitamin Supplements which are great sources of these Vitamin. But have you ever thought what illnesses may arise our body goes into Vitamin D deficiency.
The Best Source of Vitamin D - The Sun

1. Osteoporosis

As stated earlier Vitamin D is a crucial element for Bones Development. Deficiency of Vitamin D can increase Bone Fracturing risks. In Osteoporosis the bones losses it's power to use calcium to make bones strong.
If you once started facing Osteoporosis, There are little chances Vitamin D supplements will work. So Therefore start having enough vitamin D Diet and Sun Exposure.

2. Respiratory Problems

Yes, You can face respiratory problems if there is lack of Vitamin D. In today's world where coronavirus has reached almost every household, Keeping Lungs healthy is of outmost importance. Lack of Vitamin D can cause respiratory issues like Bronchitis, Sinusitis and even Pneumonia.

3. Depression

Vitamin D has a close connection with your Mood. Vitamin D can make you happy and can also be a reason to depress. Though there are many other things which influence depression. Lack of Vitamin D in our Diet is one of them.

4. Schizophrenia

It is a mental disorder which cause people to interpret abnormally. According to some reports, exact cause of Schizophrenia is still unknown. But, Still some reports says there is a crucial role of Sunlight in it. Schizophrenia is very common in people who are less exposed to Sunlight.

5.  Fatigue

With increase in workload, Issue of Fatigue is has reached its tip. With many other reasons for it of which one is Deficiency of Vitamin D. Lack of Vitamin D can cause fatigue which may feel you in between your works. If you started experiencing headache in your office suddenly, You must concern a Doctor.

6. Getting Sick more often

Getting sick is not a problem when it's not too often. But this starts getting too often then it causes problems. Vitamin D is lead player in strengthening Immune System. If levels of Vitamin D falls, Then Immune System is compromised.

7. Back Pain

People who has little or low Vitamin D consumptions are more susceptible to Lower-Back Pain. Vitamin D increases calcium absorption making Bones more stronger than before. But If vitamin D lacks Bones are Endangered. This can limit your daily activities like playing outdoor games, Less riding of bikes or bicycles.
All this can be avoided by just keeping eye on diet rich in Vitamin D.

8. Slow Wound Healing

If you are concerning why my wounds don't heal as fast as others. Then you must be at risk of Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is very crucial in forming compounds which forms new skin.

This are some illnesses you may face is lack Vitamin D. This can avoided by just sitting under early morning Sun.

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