Jupiter's The Great Red Spot may be 500 KM deep : NASA

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Jupiter's The Great Red Spot

Jupiter's Great Red Spot may be 500 KM deep : NASA

Data from NASA's Juno Spacecraft has revealed that Jupiter's Great Red Spot may be around 300 - 500 KM deep and much wide enough to swallow whole Earth.
NASA's instrument called Microwave Radiometer have enabled astronomers to to penetrate Top cloud layer of Jupiter and Study Jupiter's Great Red Spot and its vortex storm.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar system big enough to swallow 1,000 Earths and 5 planet from The Sun.

This study have enabled scientists to have broader perspective of Jupiter. This planet is known as A Gas Giant which is mainly made up of Hydrogen and Helium. Planet has been decorated with many stripes and storms. Great Red Spot is one of them. 

What is The Great Red Spot ?

Actually, The Great Red Spot is an storm which has been been rotating anti-clockwise from centuries. Scientists are unable to find what lies below this storm.

Scientists are amazed how this storm has lasted for such a long time. Juno Scientists said, "The Great Red Spot is wide enough to swallow a whole Earth".

Scientists are to find the surface below the storm where there are no signs of any sunlight. Juno has been revolving around Jupiter since 2016, Securing Data, Information, Elements and Magnetic field.

Juno is to fly by the Jupiter's Largest Moon Europa and explore Lo and its small rings.

Juno has spotted that the size of Great Spot is decreasing. There are chances that this storm is getting weaker and may demolish in near future.

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