NASA Finds Proofs of Water Vapours on Europa

Jay Kakade

NASA Finds Proofs of Water Vapours on Europa


Jupiter is the Largest Planet in our Solar System with 79 Moons. Out of which one is Europa. Europa has icy surface with salty oceans which may be twice if compared to Earth. Europa is of one most suitable place to find environment conditions in our solar system. Europa little smaller than Earth's Moon may be an habitable place for Humans.
Image Credit : NASA, NASA-JPL
Study of NASA's Hubble Telescope stated the presence of Water Vapours on Jupiter's Moon, Europa But only in one hemisphere. Observations of Hubble on Europa were associated with Plumes erupting on surface of Europa with ice. This plumes are similar to geysers on Earth, But Plumes on Europa extracts 60 Miles High.

Scientists have not been able to fully understand the surface of Europa. Water presence is found only on trailing hemisphere ( That Hemisphere which is always opposite to motion along orbit. )
As Europa is covered with Ice, it reflects it's majority of Sunlight. This keeps the temperature as low as -256 degree Fahrenheit. Though some observations states ice is going under sublimation i.e. changing vapours from solid without undergoing liquid stage.

Observations were made using Hubble Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph which helped scientists to determine the presence of Oxygen in environment of Europa.

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