NASA to Study Milky Way Evolution using a Gamma-ray Telescope

Jay Kakade
Milky Way

NASA to Study Milky Way Evolution

NASA has selected a Gamma-Ray Telescope which will be used for studying Birth and Death of a Star, Recent History of a Star and Formation of Chemical Compounds in Milky Way. This Telescope named Compton Spectrometer and Imager ( COSI ) is to be launched in 2025. This mission is one of the small astrophysics missions of NASA.

For This Astrophysics mission, NASA received 18 telescope proposals in 2019, Out of which 4 were selected. Out of these 4 Telescope COSI was selected after detailed reviewing.

Radioactive atoms are produced when a massive star explodes. COSI will be studying this atoms. COSI will also seek mystery behind formation of our Galaxy's Positrons. Positrons also known as Antielectrons are subatomic particles which have same mass as that of electron but it's positively charged.

COSI will be investigated by John Tomsick. COSI will cost $145 Million excluding the cost of launch. Till now launch provider is not selected. NASA would select it later. NASA said, COSI team has been studying and developing this technology for almost a decade.

NASA's Explorers Programs are one of the oldest investigating programs. Their continuous work of research on relevant information has led them to win Nobel Price in 2006 for Investigation.

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