Probiotics and Prebiotics; Benefits, Sources and Studies

Jay Kakade
As you would know, There are bacteria on our teeth, leg or anywhere else on our body. But apart from this there are trillions of bacteria in our body. This bacteria are of two types, Good Bacteria and Bad Bacteria. And obviously bad bacteria are harmful.
Good Bacteria are of two types, Probiotics and prebiotics. This help our guts. Let's discuss benefits of Probiotics and Prebiotics.

What are Probiotics and Prebiotics ?

One who is conscious about health may have heard this terms. Both this terms have different roles. Our Digestive System contains many species of bacteria, this is called Gut Flora. Gut flora contains not only good bacteria but also bad bacteria too.

Probiotics consists of bacteria as well as yeasts that are available in certain foodstuffs. Probiotics has benefits like fighting with bad bacteria and improves digestion.

Prebiotics contain of fibres which are not digested by us. This fibres are very crucial for healthy gut development.
Both Prebiotics and Probiotics keeps our system healthy.

Why Prebiotics and Probiotics are Important ?

Prebiotic has a very important role for development of Gut. They compete with harmful bacteria and fungi and destroy them. A study from a research proves that this gut developers have performed well by improving immunity. This Good Bacteria can even prevent Diarrhoea. Gut Bacteria can even improve mental health and decrease stress and obesity.

Gut Bacteria too produces Vitamin K and Fatty Acids. This Fatty Acids helps Colon acting as a shield against harmful Bacteria, Fungi and Virus. It has ability to reduce risk of Cancer.

What if Gut Flora is Affected ?

Whatever you eat has a impact on your Gut Health. Food we eat play a vital role in balancing the weightage of Good and Bad bacteria. A diet with high consumption of sugar and fat can lead to Diabetes and Obesity. This things messes up with Gut Health. High consumptions of Fat and Sugar feeds up Bad bacteria. This leads to increase their population which overcomes the population of Good Bacteria.

Body Mass Index ( BMI )

Body Mass Index is best indicator of Obesity. It is widely used worldwide. Researches has proven that the Bad bacteria are linked to higher Body Mass Index.
Higher BMI not only leads to hypertension but also leads to reduction in Life expectancy.

Apart from this, Junk Food we eat today has a severe effect on our Gut Flora. Pesticides in such foods causes Deteriorating adverse health impacts.

Which Foods are Good for Probiotics ?

1. Yoghurt : Yoghurt is best and tasty source of good bacteria. Begin your day with a cup of Yoghurt. You can use Honey for sweetening it.

2. Kefir : Kefir is little different from Yoghurt. Kefir is made from milks of Goat, Sheep and Cow. Sometimes Kefir is called Champagne of Milk. 

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