Side Effects of Drugs : Short Term and Long Term

Jay Kakade

Why People Use Drugs

You may wonder the root cause of the use of drug is the money but No, the real scientific reason is far more different and complex. 
People mainly use drug because of Pleasure. After use of drug for first time the person gets high. 

Here high refers to the high outcome of action that will result to more high outcomes in future as per psychology. 
Whenever someone uses drug he gets strong and high action feeling. This lures them to take such high doses of drugs.

Short and Long Term effect of Drugs

Mainly drugs affect our nervous system. It also affects Thinking, feeling and acting ability of person. This means it disturb coordination of brain and nervous system to feel , think and act according to normal behaviour.

Depressants is most common side effects. Depressant are that make you feel relax after consuming in small amounts. If taken in huge amount it makes feel unconscious and lose control over body. Alcohol , cigarettes are some that work this way.

Hallucinogens is state where your mind feels to hear or see and react to unreal things that you feel is real. This affect mental as well as physical health. Drugs cause this effect upon Consumption of high dose.

Stimulants is another short term side effects which cause increase in heart beat rate, breathing, blood pressure and makes more attentive. This leads to fatal damage like anxiety, stomach cramps , panic etc.

Long term : Using drug for many days or high consumption permanently damages physical and mental body. This affect social ability to communicate and mix with them. Mental stress is another issue to live with long together.

Do not use drugs for pleasure. They are fatal to you and your surrounding. It's addiction to waste life. Read this effects and be aware. Also help friends or your dear people to get rid of drug addiction if they are addicted to it

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