100,000 Year Old Mammoth Tusk Discovered

Jay Kakade
Mammoth Tusk
Credit: MBARI

For ordinary people, It will look like a giant wood But in reality scientists have spotted something unusual in on California Coast i.e. A Giant Mammoth Tusk of 1 meter in length. Researchers have discovered this tusk in long back 2019, While exploring mountains 3,000 Meter underwater.

Though Mammoth Tusks have been discovered from ocean earlier, But it is very rare for such objects to settle in deep seawaters.

On studying tusk, researchers found this tusk to be of a Female Columbian Mammoth which probably lived between 2.7 Million to 200,000 years old i.e. in Lower Paleolithic Era. Researchers are exploring more about this creature like, Age, Size, Diet and Span of reproduction. This discovery can unearth the other fossils of ancient animals.

Researcher of University of California told The New York Times, "This is an 'Indiana Jones' with 'Jurassic Park' moment."

Mammoth Tusk
Credit : MBARI

Discovery of Tusk of Ancient Mammoth

Scientists were exploring the ocean with remotely operated vehicles in search of deep sea species, But they eventually encountered this Tusk. On spotting it, Scientists decided to unearth Tusk. But unfortunately tip break off and they were not able to retrieve full Tusk specimen. Later in July, Team revisited the site and recovered full specimen using a robotic arms.

The full specimen of tusk gave scientists a broad look over DNA, Which helped in determining species. Scientists believe that Columbian Mammoths were biggest of all Mammoth, May be crossbreed of Ordinary Mammoth and Woolly Mammoth. This mammoth may have used this Tusk for protecting itself and for searching for food in North America 10,000 years ago.

Cross Section of Tusk
Credit: MBARI

Deep Sea preserved this Fossil

Scientists are analyzing the radio-isotopes to determine age of Mammoth. As scientists know the rate of decaying of uranium and thorium, They can determine the age of Mammoth from Isotopes which are still present. So far, Scientists believe this Tusk must be 100,000 Years Old.

Researchers credit Ocean for preserving Mammoth Tusk. The Temperature of Ocean is nearly above freezing point, nearly 4 degree Celsius. This conditions reduced decaying of fossil with pressure at deep sea trenches. Pressure at trenches is 1,100 times greater than pressure at water surface.

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