A Distant Galaxy Shows a sign of Water presence

Jay Kakade

Signs of Water Detected in a Distant Galaxy

Dust Continuum

Water Presence in a Distant Galaxy ALMA - Atacama Large Millimetre Array - has detected presence of water and Carbon Monoxide in a distant galaxy in a System SPTO311-58.

System SPTO311-58 was first detected in 2017 by ALMA in Epoch of reionization. This Epoch had occurred when Universe was just 780 Million Years Old. System SPTO311-58 is made up of two galaxies. SPTO311-58 is almost 12.5 Billion Light year away from the Earth.

According to Astronomers, System SPTO311-58 may be merging or merger of Two Galaxies. This system also contains a Rapid Star Formation which eventually may lead to formation of Massive Elliptical Galaxies. An Astronomer from University of Illinois stated that With the use of high resolution ALMA observation of System SPTO311-58, They have detected the both Water and Carbon Monoxide. This Elements are crucial for Life Dwelling.

This Galaxy is has been developing since when the whole universe was very young. This Galaxy has more clouds than any other. This observation can help us to understand more about Life-Creating Elements.

How Scientists Found Water in Another Galaxy ?

Water is third most abundantly found Element in universe after Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide. Dust absorbs ultra violet rays from the stars in that Galaxy and re-emits it. This further Excites Water Molecules which can be observed by Scientists.

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