Astronomers have Discovered a New State of Black Hole

Jay Kakade
Indian Astronomers have discovered an active Galaxy which emitted X-Rays 10 times higher than our sun. This Galaxy is located at 5 Billion Light Years away from us. This discovery can be very useful in studying particle's behaviour in intense gravity.

New state of Black Hole

Some astronomers believe that there is an supermassive black hole in centre of each Galaxy. This Black Hole keeps on swallowing material and shoots a plasma jets towards us, This is called Blazars. To understand how an particle behaves in a condition from where not even light can escape, Indian Astronomers have been observing such Black Hole System named 'OJ 287' from 2015.

Repeated Optical Enhancement of OJ 287 have made scientist curious as this type of sources do not show any Flux Variation. Repeated Optical Enhancement made researchers to assume this Galaxy has a Black Hole.

After studying the Flux which was 10 times the normal flux in 2020, Astronomers came to conclusion that this source is in completely new spectral state. Researchers argued that this change can hold a clue to understand how an matter behaves in extreme gravity and how it accelerates matter to speed of light.

After comparing results with an article published in 'The Astrophysical Journal' it revealed this source has gradually changed its state from 2018 to 2021. This study has suggested that this new state of Black Hole has originated by Jets of Plasma. Team has also shown Mass of Black Hole can be up to 18 Billion Suns. This similar change was too recorded by researchers in 2017.

According to Astronomers, Such changes in Spectral State was so casual. Multi-Wavelength study of such sources can establish a relation of strong gravity and acceleration of Particle to speed of light in formation of most energetic jets in the entire universe.

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