Bats are on the Verge of Extinction, a Study

Jay Kakade

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A study Reports, Bats are on the Verge of Extinction.

Bats are the only mammals which are capable of true and sustained flight which have well adapted Forelimbs as wings.
This creature is living on this Earth for more than 50 Million Years. Bats consist of more than a thousand species found in almost all continents except for Antarctica.

Bats play an significant role in our environment by pollinating fruits and plants, Feeding on insects which we consider pests and spreading of seeds. With the advent of Climate Change and degradation, We have left Bats on the verge of Extinction.

This unprecedented dangers have heavily impacted the habitat of Bats. Slow Gestation Period ( Time Period from Copulation to Child Birth) have worsened their conditions.
It is estimated that a Bat gives birth to only one offspring in a year. This makes them one of the slowest reproducing mammals with respect to their site.

According to Discovery, 21 Species of Bats are on the Verge of Extinction, 83 are Endangered and 109 are Critically Endangered.

There are myths about Bat that they are being vampire i.e. they feed on blood. In reality there are only 3 species which feed on blood. Bats are being killed for sports and for their meat.

How can we revive their lost population ?

Bats are Nocturnal ( Night Dwelling ) Mammals. Bats mainly feed on insects. Estimated, They eat about 3,000 insects a day. Therefore, Less use of pesticides can help bats to gain enough food.

Spreading Awareness about the real facts of Bat can significantly reduce the Bat killings. Asking People not to kill Bats for just sake of Meat and Sports.

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