Indonesia to Breed Good Mosquitoes to Combat Dengue

Jay Kakade

Indonesia to Breed Good Mosquitoes to Combat Dengue

Dengue is an Mosquito born viral disease that is spread by Female Aedes Mosquito species.
Indonesian researchers have came up with a new idea to combat the spread of Dengue. Indonesian researchers are breeding mosquitoes which contains a bacteria called Wolbachia. Wolbachia bacteria prevents the the spread of Viruses like Dengue.

According to World Mosquito Program (WMP), Wolbachia bacteria can be found in 60% of Insect species like Fruit flies, Moths, butterfly and some type of mosquitoes.
But this bacteria is absent in Aedes Mosquito which bears Dengue Virus.

The researchers at World Mosquito Program stated, Mosquitoes bearing Dengue will mate with Mosquitoes bearing Wolbachia bacteria. This will produce more good Mosquitoes i.e. Wolbachia Mosquitoes.
Though this Mosquitoes bite people, but they are harmless.

WMP has been deploying Wolbachia Mosquitoes since 2017 in Dengue Prone Areas. An report by New England Journal of Medicine says, Good Mosquitoes have been abled to reduce cases by 77% and reduction in hospitalisation by 86%.

According to World Health Organization, Dengue cases have seen an considerable rise in Dengue cases in last decade. According to an report, 100-400 Million cases have been reported last year.

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