Longest Lunar Eclipse of The Century

Jay Kakade
Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse on 19th November will be the longest Eclipse in 2001-2100 which will last for 3 hours, 28 Minutes and 23 Seconds.

According to Holcomb Observatory, it is the longest Lunar Eclipse in last 580 years. Last Longest Lunar Eclipse occurred on 2018, 27 July which lasted for 1 hour and 42 Seconds.

Lunar Eclipse which occurs for 5 times a years people can see it from where Moon is above the Horizon. NASA has estimated this will be 228th Lunar Eclipse experienced by Earth in 21st Century.

What Causes Lunar Eclipse ?

Basically, Sun, Earth and Moon holds in a straight line where Earth blocks the sunlight from reaching to Moon.

Due to no Sunlight, Moon darkens which sometimes look Red. This happens due to shorter Wavelength emitted by Earth's Atmosphere, While Refracts longer red wavelengths inward to Moon. This makes Moon to appear Red.

According to NASA, Earth will be capturing and blocking 97% of Sunlight reaching to Moon
Upcoming Lunar Eclipse can be watched from East Asia, North and South America, Australia and Pacific Region. East Coast of United States can simply see it in Sky 2: 18 - 5: 47AM ET.

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