Moon Has Plenty of Oxygen Trapped Inside Regolith

Jay Kakade
Moon's Surface
credit: NASA/JPL

Primary Gases in Moon's Atmosphere is Neon, Helium, Argon and Hydrogen. This gases are not in such mixture which can help Humans to survive. Moon primarily has elements that are commonly found on Earth. This Elements contain oxygen but not usable by Humans for respiration.

Recent Studies at Southern Cross University have stated that the Moon has plenty of Oxygen which can help 8 Billion People to Breathe for more than 100,000 Years. But Oxygen here is not in Gaseous Form But trapped in its Regolith, It is a layer of unconsolidated solid material covering the bedrock of a planet.

Moon's surface approximately contains 45% Oxygen. Oxygen is tightly bonded with this minerals. To extract it, we will need a plenty of energy.

According to some scientists, To extract Oxygen from minerals this minerals should be converted into liquid by the way of heating it or by combining it with some solvents.
This technology is available on Earth, But taking it to Moon is a trouble.

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