Mystery of Vanishing Chinese Civilization Finally Solved

Jay Kakade
Liangzhu jade carving
source: Science Alert

About 5,300 years ago, Chinese Civilization (Liangzhu Culture) emerged in east China developing brilliant structures of cities which possibly are not found anywhere else.

Surviving Evidences of Liangzhu Culture along the bank of Yangtze River shows the Evidence of capability of Chinese Civilization. Archaeologists have found numerous excellent specimens of society, structure and culture. Technological Advancements can be seen specially in field of Aquaculture and Agricultural.

This culture had an expertise in Architectural field too. Structures like hydraulic which enabled establishment of Dams, Canals and Reservoirs. But this amazing culture did not last for longer.

Till 4,300 years ago Liangzhu Culture suddenly disappeared and collapsed mysteriously. Why did it collapsed is still not known but some archaeologists suggest Sudden Flooding may be a cause for it.
A geologist from University of Innsbruck said, "A thin layer of clay was found on the preserved ruins, which points to a possible connection between the demise of the advanced civilization and floods of the Yangtze River or floods from the East China Sea." However no exact conclusion have been successfully derived from the Mud Layer itself.

Chinese Civilization
source: Wikipedia

Researchers went far deeper than ancient mud and founded some evidences after studying stalactites and Stalagmites and some under water caves which preserved the signs of Climatic Conditions of a respective period.

Analysis of Haiwei Zhang from Xi'an Jiaotong University says, Liangzhu Culture may have been faced issues of high precipitation which probably lasted for a decade. El-Nino may have caused this high precipitation. High Precipitation caused extreme flooding in Yangtze region which may have destroyed Dams and Canals and forced to people to migrate.

Some Archaeologists argue, Region of Yangtze Delta may be unsuitable for habitation long before Liangzhu Culture. Later this situations became favourable for living. Archeological Studies have found a giant structures of Dams which were build between 5,300 to 4,700 years ago.

This evidence shows Liangzhu People effectively managed to use water resource with the use of hydrolic. Canals shows the signs of irrigation for survival.

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