NASA releases First Landsat 9 Image of Earth

Jay Kakade
Landsat 9 is an Earth Overserving Satellite launched on 27 September 2021. Landsat is a Joint Mission of NASA and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

Recently NASA has shared a Light Image of Earth. This Image states How this Mission will help us in Managing Vital Natural Resources and Study the impacts of Climate Change.

Coast of Australia
Credits : NASA

This Image shows Detroit, Michigan and a lake St. Claire, The intersection of cities and Beaches along Changing Florida Coastline. This will help us in Monitoring Crop Health and Manage Irrigation Water.

Landsat 9 is similar to Landsat 8 (Launched in 2013) in Design but with some several improvements. Landsat 9 Satellite transmit data with higher resolution which enables us to detect difference very Minutely, Specially in Dense Forests Areas. Landsat 9 is very well equipped to detect more than 16,000 Shades while Landsat 7 detects only 256 Shades.

Landsat 9 team is conducting a 100 day check out period that involves testing of Satellite System and Sub-System. This Period will collect approximately 1,500 Images of Earth Surface Every day, covering entire globe within eight days.

"This incredible images of Earth will help us to make science based decisions on issues like Water Management, Wildfires, Coral Reefs Degradation, Deforestation and Glacier Melting. Landsat data will be available publicly for free on Official website of USGS, after Satellite begins its normal operations." said USGS Acting Director Dr. David Applegate.

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