NASA to Defend Earth from a Asteroid | NASA's DART Mission

Jay Kakade

NASA to Defend Earth from a Asteroid

Let's assume, In case if a Asteroid heads towards our Planet Earth what will we do? we have no such weapon which can save us from this calamity. There is no such technology that will help us to deflect the Asteroid out of Earth's Gravitational Force.

NASA has bought Mission DART - Double Asteroid Redirect Test -  To save Earth from Asteroid heading its course towards us. Mission DART is to be launched on November 24th with aim to redirect Asteroid.

DART is an simple spacecraft which contains a Camera, a Sun Sensor and a Tracker. It will us Solar Panels to head its journey towards asteroid Didymos. Disdymos is an Sub-Kilometre Asteroid, which will have a close contact with Earth in 2022. But there are chance of Didymos to collide on Earth. Therefore NASA has classified it with a hazardous danger.

How DART will Work ?

DART Spaceship will start its journey on 24th November 2021, towards Didymos, Hitting Didymos in October 2022. But DART works little different.

Didymos sized more like a small mountain. It is quite impossible to destroy it. Therefore DART will only change velocity and direction of Didymos. With just little change in direction, Didymos will be far away from Earth after few years. This will reduce the chances of Collision with Earth.

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