NASA to Put Nuclear Reactors on Moon

Jay Kakade
Nuclear Reactor on Moon
Conceptual Interpretation of Reactor on Moon. Credit : NASA

The Moon is untouched by Humans from last few decades. Apart from NASA's Artemis Mission (which aims to enter Moon's Environment in 2024), Apollo 17 was the last Mission which made to Land on Moon.

To Live on Moon, Astronauts will need a plenty of Energy. To solve this issue, NASA is planning to Set Nuclear Reactors on Moon within next 10 years. According to NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD), "Plenty of Energy is a Key for Future Explorations."

After Years of working on Nuclear Fission Project for Moon, NASA is planning Lunar Nuclear Project with US Department of Energy. Two Organisations are working on submitting Designs and Concepts for Nuclear Fission Power Project.

According to NASA, A small lightweight Fission System capable of working on Lunar Rover or Lander can produce 10 Kilowatts of energy sufficient to satisfy energy need of several average households.

But Electricity used on Moon will be a lot different than Earth. There will be need to Charge Rovers for Conducting Experiments, Running Life support systems and Many Other Necessary Operations.

Nuclear Reactor on Mars
Conceptual Interpretation of Nuclear Reactor on Mars. Credits : NASA

According to NASA and DOE Brief, 40 Kilowatts of Energy will be sufficient to sustain 30 Households for 10 years. This project must be able to produce energy at those level which will not only sustain us on Moon But also Enable Colonization and Exploration on Mars - Which is an Life Time Dream Now. In Fact, NASA says Lunar Nuclear Fission Project will help astronauts to enable journey towards Mars, The Red Planet.

Though this Mission will need a decade for Success, But NASA and DOE has seen a success with small Kilo Power Projects. NASA will be accepting design concepts from Now till late 2022 and will select the most convincing one, And then spending 12 Months to work and develop such concepts. After Developing Concept, Researchers will go to guide design and build last probe which hopefully be launching in a decade.

Nuclear Propulsion
Illustration of Spacecraft with Nuclear Propulsion. Credit : NASA

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