Native Australian Shrub prevents Cancer

Jay Kakade
Credit : Wikipedia

The leaves of Shrub found in Native Australia can possibly stop cancer and assist in treatment. Early people used it for medicinal purposes. Extract of Species Eremophila Galeata seems to take away the defence of cancer cells which cancer cells use against chemotherapy.

Resin of this flowering plant 'Desert Loving' is used for thousands of centuries in smoking festivals and ceremonies for boosting health and immunity. Recently, while studying the Cancer scientists found Drug resistant property of tumor is a major obstacle in tackling cancer. Therefore scientists are keen to find more effective new medicine.

Botanist of University of Copenhagen Dan Stark said, "We already have products that inhibit the efflux pump. But they do not work optimally, because they are not specific enough and can have lots of side effects."

E. Galeata has been used for medicinal purpose since a long time because of the presence of Flavonoids. Flavonoids are type of plant compound which push medicine throughout the cell. Flavonoids are Non-toxic and hold promising bioactivity, Which makes it suitable and valuable for medicinal use.

Some Eremophila Species have found to contain Flavonoids. Flavonoids found in this species are anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. Researchers found Resin of Eremophila species increase efficiency of Chemotherapy against cancer cells. A study proved this Flavonoids have blocked efflux pumps found in cancer cells. 

"Interestingly, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, for example, appear to produce large amounts of almost identical efflux pumps, which has made them extremely good at pumping the antibiotics out of the cells." Said the Botanist from University of Copenhagen.

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