Urgent Need to Control Microplastic Pollution

Jay Kakade
Source : Discovery.com

Microplastic Pollution

Tiny Plastic ranging from 5mm to 10mm are found in Soil, Water, Food and Air. According to some studies, An averagely a 18 years old child had consumed more than 8,000 Micro-Plastic particles.

Plastic possesses us a serious health issues like, Cancer, Inflammation, Infertility and Tissue Damage. Microplastics can be a severe threat if not tackled early. Microplastic has many other ill-effects too.

The urgent need of Masks in Pandemic has resulted in increased plastic pollution. Authorities suggest that plastic may double by 2030. Greenhouse Gases emitted out of it will overreach the targets adopted at Paris Climate Agreement.

Plastic Pollution

According to discovery.com, Increase in investments in Plastic Factories may lead to early degradation of environment. Cleaning up the already existing plastic is too a major challenge.

Ways to Manage Plastic Pollution

Scientists have came up with Ferrofluid, a mixture to extract plastic from water. Trial of Ferrofluid on 10 different types of plastic has shown a remarkable success. Ferrofluid is named after Ferreira, An student at Groningen University who founded Ferrofluid. Use of Ferrofluid have came up with reduction in plastic in water by 85%.

According to Ferreira, Ferrofluid can be effectively used in waste management activity. This is reduce plastic content before heading towards sea. This will significantly reduce its harm to Sea Life. There is an another technology which uses Robots and Hydrogen Peroxide. Trails have shown efficiency of 70% here.

Health Impacts of Plastic

Studies have found the chemicals like Bisphenol and Phthalate found in Plastic can impact Reproductive Hormones which can lead to Infertility.

Researches found that Babies' Body contains 10-20 times more plastic particles than Adults. Chewing Plastic Toy, Plastic Feeding Bottles and Crawling on Bedsheet may have led to this troubles.

This Health impacts can be reduced by using specific products or reducing manufacturing of certain products. But the plastic which is already in nature takes centuries to Decompose.

There are some marine animals which help us to remove plastic, This creature is Mussel. According to a study, 300 Mussel can remove 250,000 microplastic particles per hour.


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