Whales Eat Three Time than we Thought

Jay Kakade

Whales mainly feed hundreds of feet in deep Ocean. Therefore, it becomes quit impossible to monitor the feedings of Whale and their behaviour.

According to National Geographic, Eating of Whales is directly proportional to their excretion. Excretory product of Whales is very crucial for Ocean's Productivity and providing energy and nutrients to Marine Eco-System.
According to a Report from Nature.com, Baleen Whales eat a lot more than we monitored. Whales eat 16 tons of food each day which is 3 times than we thought.

Baleen Whales play an significant role in Marine Eco-System. Whales are vital in transporting elements like Nitrogen, Iron and Carbon Dioxide via Excretion.
Some information states that we need to improve ocean protection on a large scale. Antarctic Water is already being threatened due to Over-Fishing and Rise in Temperature due to Climate Change. This can disrupt natural nutrient circulation.

Measuring of Whale Intake

To monitor How much do Whales eat, Scientists studied metabolic activities and levels of whale with some big sized animals as a reference. Scientists used Drones to measure the water intake and food intake in one Lunge. Sonars were used to determine the Krill living in that area.

Team also measured the Krill catching in one Lunge. This Study came to point that, Whales can eat 5 to 30% of their body weight feeding only on Krill. Earlier it was believed that Whales eat only 5% of their Weight. This study solved the mystery of Missing Krill too. It was thought that excess in fish catching would have led to decreasing in numbers of Krill.

According to a Biologist, There is lack of Iron in Southern Ocean which has  limited the growth of Phytoplankton. This are primary source of food of Krill.

Whale's Faeces : Iron-rich Material

Whales play a important role in Iron Cycle in ocean. Whales bring out the Iron from deep ocean to surface, Tiny Phytoplankton feed on it and Krill feed on Phytoplankton.

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