41,000 Years Ago, Earth's Magnetic Field sent Aurora towards equator

Jay Kakade

Aurora in the North Pole. (Image Credit: Noppawat Tom Charoensinphon/Moment/Getty Images)

Auroras also known as Polar Lights are natural lights displayed in the sky usually seen at poles.
But this was not the case 41,000 years ago when the Disruption in Earth's Magnetic Field sent these Auroras to unexpected places like the Equator.

These disturbances are called Laschamp events or the Laschamp excursion. The planet's magnetic field weakened and tilted at its axis.
According to scientists of American Geophysical Union (AGU), After Laschamp event it took 1,400 years for magnetic fields and tilt to return to their original position. Disturbances at magnetic fields send Auroras to Equatorial Regions where they are never seen.

These geomagnetic changes may have influenced the living conditions and atmosphere at that time.
Earth's Magnetic Field and Aurora

Magnetic Fields

Earth's Magnetic is a result of Earth's Metallic Sloshing at centre and rotation which generates Magnetic Fields. Magnetic Fields connect both the poles in curved arcs.

According to NASA, Magnetic Fields give rise to the Magnetosphere. Magnetosphere protects us from radioactive particles from space and also shields Earth's Atmosphere from Solar Winds of Sun. Also helping Earth to sustain from streaming particles busted out by the Sun.

On the side of Earth that faces the Sun, the Magnetosphere is compressed to 5 - 6 times of Earth's radius. But the leeward side of Earth extends the Magnetosphere to hundreds of times the length of Earth.

But 41,000 years ago, Studies state Weakened Magnetic Fields caused compression of the Magnetosphere to about 3.8 times of Earth's Radius. Some investigations of ancient earth also suggest that Earth's side that is facing the sun completely dissolved the Magnetosphere. But some researchers say it weakened but never fully disappeared.

During this period of weak magnetic fields, Position of the South and North Pole shifted towards the Equator and Auroras followed them. This caused the display of Auroras at Equatorial Regions.

According to a report of LiveScience.com, Solar Winds may have easily penetrated the weakened Magnetic Fields. Solar winds may have damaged the ozone layer which may have contributed to the disappearance of Neanderthals in Europe.

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