A New Type of Omicron have Emerged

Jay Kakade
New Omicron Variant BA.2

A new type of Omicron Variant have been noticed seven times in multiple countries. Expert says It is Harder to Track it because of its genetics.
The new lineage is BA.2, have detected in South Africa, Australia and Canada

Francois Balloux, the director of the University College London Genetics Institute says, "BA.2 lineage shows great variations than Original Omicron lineage BA.1"

Omicron BA.1 had S-gene Dropout Mutation. This allowed us to track Omicron Variant via PCR test till now. This was the main way by which this variant was identified. This Means, Two lineages can behave differently.

Though Omicron BA.2 makes harder for tracking, But there is no need to Panic, Says Vinod Scaria - A Clinician

As per a professor at Oxford University, There is no need to think new lineage BA.2 as a severe threat than Omicron BA.1
He added But its terribly too early.

As Omicron BA.2 carries many defining mutations, PCR Tests should still pick up Omicron BA.2 but the problem is in distinguishing it from original one. But BA.2 has many mutations that are absent in BA.1
And most importantly, BA.2 has dropped the mutations which were used by scientists to track Omicron.

What is S-Gene Dropout Mutation?

When a patient infected with Omicron BA.2 is tested with PCR test, PCR test will not be able to identify it. This is S-Gene Dropout Mutation.
PCR test was very effective against all Variants who lacked S-Gene Dropout Mutation. But now researchers have to spend more time on identifying the new lineage or come up with a new technique of identification.

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