Astronomers found Dark Matter free Galaxy | AGC 114906

Jay Kakade
Dark Matter Free Galaxy
Galaxy AGC 114905. Blue part shows Steller Emissions. Green part is hydrogen clouds. It is believed this galaxy lacks dark matter. Credit: Javier Roman and Pavel Mancera Pina

Recently, Astronomers Team from Netherland has discovered evidences of galaxy without dark free. This study found no traces presence of dark matter in galaxy AGC 114905.

AGC 114905, located at 250 million light years away is an super-dwarf galaxy. Roughly as same size of milky way but with fewer number of stars.

Super-dwarf galaxy can only exist when it is held by dark matter. Despite the detailed study of forty hours of Galaxy AGC 114905 via advance telescopes, scientists were not able to find a single trace of Dark Matter.

Astronomers have found six dark matter free galaxies. Astronomers worked up for more than forty hours in hope of observing signs of Dark Matter. But phenomenon of dark matter free galaxies started getting prominence.

Why Dark Matter Free Galaxies?

As almost all scientists believe the galaxy must contain dark matter in order to sustain. Then how come this galaxies lack dark matter.

For this question, Some astronomers suggest this galaxy must be once a part of big galaxy which may have contained Dark Matter.
While some believe the angle at which we observed may have led to this conclusion. But angel is not only perspective which may determine conclusion of whole study.

Crew is working on finding traces if dark matter in such galaxies. If they aren't able to do so, then galaxies can prevail without dark matter.

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