Experts Says, Omicron May Dominate World

Jay Kakade
Illustration of Omicron spike protein (red) with mutation site in yellow
Illustration of Omicron spike protein (red) with mutation site in yellow. (Juan Gaertner/Getty Images)

Though scientists are unknown of harmful effects of Omicron Variant, Researchers are afraid that Omicron could become world's most common variant within few months. 

"It's a matter of weeks right now, I think, until we reach that point" Devi Sridhar, Chairperson of Global Public Health said. According to her Omicron is all set to take over Delta Variant. Dr. Jacob Lemieu says its too early to determine the spread. But he added symptoms are there which shows it may outperform Delta Variant.

Omicron has seen 32 mutations at spike proteins, Which makes it more likely to penetrate cell. As Omicron is spreading widely in South-Africa, Scientists are keen to find out, Whether the mutations make it more infectious and better at evading vaccines more than Delta.

According World Health Organization, Delta, An mutated virus was sequenced in almost all COVID-19 laboratories in entire world.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, president Joe Biden's chief medical adviser says, Omicron is clearly dominating South Africa. Virus has seen 400% more infectious rate than normal. But some experts suggests, South Africa has large number of unvaccinated population which may have caused faster transmission.

SARS-CoV-2 Virus Particle
SARS-CoV-2 Virus Particle. Image Credit: NIAID

Robin Colgrove, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School states, Metrics of South Africa wouldn't help in monitoring spread of Omicron in US. Both countries has different vaccinated populations. Different vaccination rate means different transmission rate.

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