New Species of Dinosaur with Bladed Tail Discovered

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Bladed Tailed Dinosaur
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In Chile, Palaeontologists have discovered a Bladed Tail armoured Dinosaur Species. Between 75 to 72 million years ago this creature, An type blend of both ankylosaurs and stegosaurs somehow died in river quicksand. This fine sediments preserved bones by fossilizing it.

By examining the specimen of it, Researchers found this creature was too huge. It walked on all four legs, less than 2 feet tall and seven feet long. But this creature was armed with stubbed skin with Bladed Tail. This type of features are absent in other Dinosaurs.

According to Alexander Vargas, a paleontologist at the University of Chile, At the end of the tail was something unusual that is not seen by scientists before. End of Tail looked liked a cricket bat. It is entirely unprecedented. This creature belongs to a newfound type of Dinosaur named Stegouros Elengassen, This word is derived from Greek words 'Stego' meaning 'Roof' and 'Uros' meaning 'Tail' and Elengassen means a Beast in mythology of Aónik’enk people.

Tail Weaponed Dinosaurs

Before Stegouros, Only two specimens of armoured Dinosaurs have been found till now in Gondwana and Laurasia, This species are called as Ankylosaurs. Specimen excavated is 80% complete. Stegorous's Teeth, Club and Tail resembles Ankylosaurs, While Limb bone and Pelvis resembles Stegosaurs. Stegouros must have emerged in Dorotea Formation in Chile and Argentina. This are the places where researchers search fossils and signs of Dinosaurs and Ancient Life.

80% complete skeleton
They found roughly 80% of the animal's skeleton. (Francisco Hueichaleo)

According to researchers, Fully developed weaponized tail is very rare in animals. Stegouros had two spikes of bones at the end of tail. Ankylosaurs resembles same type of feature, Hammer like structure at the end of tail. Tail weapons have been found in some distant animals. Like, Glyptodonts. An Giant Armadillos that extinct 10,000 years ago which had tail like Ankylosaurs.

But Tail of Stegouros is unique. It is more flat and knife-like. This type of Dinosaurs usually used tail for combat purpose. Combat used to be within their species may be for social status. But when threatened this used their tail against predators. But did it exactly used its tail is unknown.

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