Scientists Identified Atmospheric Lake - An Unknown Type of Storm

Jay Kakade
Atmospheric Lake Atmospheric Lake (Image Credit: Chris Meredith/Moment/Getty Images)

In a particular part of the world, A new type of weather conditions have been discovered - compact, slow-moving, moisture-rich pools. Researchers called this conditions as 'Atmospheric Lake'.

Atmospheric Lake - new type of storm, occurs in western Indian Ocean and moves towards Africa. It is quite different from usual storms.
Atmospheric Lake are like dense narrow bands of moisture, Smaller, Slow moving and detaches itself from system which creates it.

According to this research, Atmospheric Lake drifts west towards eastern African coast, bringing rain in semi-arid areas.
By contrast to rain-bearing 'atmospheric rivers' of vapour, which are contiguous from source to coastline at an instant, we call these disconnected and drifting water bodies 'atmospheric lakes'

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