Scientists Identified A Brand New Muscle Layer in Human Jaw

Jay Kakade
Human Jaw
Illustration of Human Jaw. (Image Credit: Peter Dazeley/Getty Images)

Though earlier thought Human Anatomy is fully dissected and studied, But recently scientists have identified a new muscle layer in Human Jaw.

This muscle is deeper, Third section of masseter muscle. Check out Masseter Muscle in diagram given below.

Human Jaw Diagram
Diagram of Human Jaw (Image Credit: Images)

Initially it was claimed Masseter Muscle had only two layers. But newer studies have proved the more complexity of this structure. New studies conducted are very contradictory and confusing.

This research was conducted on more than 12 Jaws which includes one living jaw and twelve dead jaws preserved in Formaldehyde. Study shockingly discovered the structure has three sections not two.

Szilvia Mezey, An Anatomist says, The deep section is clearly distinguishable from other two distinct sections. Szilvia Mezey works in Department of Biomedicine for University of Basel in Switzerland.

Jaw Muscle
Diagram stating the layers of Masseter Muscles. (Image Credit: Jens C. Turp)

Musculus masseter pars coronidea is name proposed to this brand new finding in Human Jaw.
New study states the way Musculus masseter pars coronidea is attached to lower jaw plays very crucial role in keeping lower jaw stable. 

Researchers are about to study whole jaw layers again comprehensively. With detailed observation, Dissection and MRI scans of head made the identification of new Masseter Muscle.

It is not only humans who have more than two layers in Masseter Muscles, Other Mammals too have multiple numbers of layers. But nature again brings some mysteries, Chimpanzees seems to be missing this multiple layers.

This discovery is only about identification of a new layer. Esteemed discovery will also help in new surgical procedures and treatment which involves lower and upper jaw.

After more than 100 years a newer discovery in human body has made us to rethink our belief of whole body is identified comprehensively.

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