Study Discovered How Pathogens Hide in Tissue

Jay Kakade
Image showing Salmonella surviving in white pulp of Tissue.
Image showing Salmonella surviving in white pulp of Tissue. (Credit: Biozentrum, University of Basel)

Antibiotic Therapies are very effective against bacterial infections. But still some patients face setback. A new study at University of Basel discovered how some bacteria survives antibiotics. This bacteria finds shelter in tissues and our immune system too plays a significant role.

Bacterial infections like tuberculosis, gonorrhea caused by bacteria are usually treated with antibiotics. But full eradication of bacteria is not possible.
This remains caused recurring of the disease. Researchers were keen to find what causes partial removal of bacteria. Why antibiotics are not able to kill full set of bacteria out of body?

What Caused Survival of Bacteria?

Study conducted by University of Basel uncovers a area which is used by pathogens to have shelter. This area is affected by antibiotic Therapies and our body's immune system too.

Dirk Bumann, the study leader says, Only 1% of bacterium makes the way to survive after each Antibiotic Therapy. Tracking remaining one is like finding a needle in sand.

To track remaining bacteria, Scientists use two-photon tomography. This is a device used in neurology to detect fine nerves of brain.
This device first scans whole tissue, Then again scans after cutting next layer of tissue. Then another scan followed by another cut.
This technology gives idea where surviving bacteria are located within a tissue.

Bacteria Hides in Pulp of the Spleen

With detailed study of tissue have led scientists to understand, Surviving bacteria hides in Red Pulp of the Spleen. Red Pulp of Spleen is the recycling station of red blood cells.
While some Bacteria manages to survive in While Pulp too. White Pulp is a region from where immune system normally initiates. But Antibiotic Therapies are  are very ineffective against this two regions. This way of survival is frequently used by Salmonella.

Antibiotics alone are not enough for removal of bacteria. Antibiotics must be supported by immune system in order of complete removal.
In fighting against infections, White Blood Cells are very essential. White Blood Cells must work in coordination with antibiotics. But in White Pulp, there are White Blood Cells are very little in numbers. And this quantity of cells are lessened by treatment.

Thus with little contribution from White Blood Cells, Antibiotics alone are not able to completely remove bacteria out of body.

To overcome this situation, Scientists are using immune Therapies which is more likely to help Antibiotic Therapies.

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