Terrifying Volcanic Eruptions of 2021

Jay Kakade
Basically Volcanoes are craters or vents which allows hot magma to erupt from Earth's Crust. Volcanoes have never left an opportunities to hit Human settlements hard right here and there, For which year 2021 was not an exception. Here are terrifying eruptions of year 2021.

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Mount Etna Eruption

Volcanic Eruption of Etna
Image showing volcanic eruption and lava behind the church. (Image Credit: Getty Image)

Mount Etna is one of the active volcanoes dwelling in Europe. Again in year 2021, Etna erupted several miles away. Given image was taken which shows luminous lava erupted at night sky. Though Church was too far away from Etna, But looks like it was just 100 feet. 

Since February, Etna has erupted more than 50 times. Fortunately this eruption doesn't saw severe damage to public and property.

Fagradalsfjall volcanic Eruption

Fagradalsfjall volcanic Eruption
Group of some hikers taking view of eruption in Iceland. (Image Credit: Jeremie Richard/AFP via Getty Images)

In march, Fagradalsfjall seems to be dormant volcano suddenly became active and erupted after more than 900 years, in Iceland. Some hikers flied drone towards this cone and took some amazing pics.

As this eruption in Iceland was effusive eruption i.e. volcano seeps into rock crack rather posing threat to local inhabitant people of Iceland.

Kilauea Volcanic Eruption

Kilauea Eruption
Kilauea Eruption. (Image credit: B. Carr/USGS)

September, Kilauea Volcano (situated at Hawaii Island) began its erupting from a crater. There were some pilots flying over by, reported a unusual volcanic eruption called as Pele's Hair - Pele's Hair is a type of eruption in which gas bubbles in lava bursts at the surface. Phenomena Pele's Hair is named after Hawaii Goddess.

This eruption of Hawaii was preceded by more than one forty earthquakes in just next 12 hours.

La Cumbre Vieja

La Cumbre Vieja
La Cumbre Vieja eruption. (Image credit: Photo by DESIREE MARTIN/AFP via Getty Images)

La Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma, one of the Spanish Canary Islands was the one of the most sensational volcanic story of 2021, As it was believed the volcanic eruption in La Cumbre Vieja causes mega tsunami which will heavily impact eastern coast of United States.

La Cumbre Vieja was one of the devastating eruption, destroying 2,000 buildings and forced rehabilitation of 7,000 people. BBC reported here were no serious injuries or deaths. La Cumbre Vieja ended after three months of continuous volcanic activity.

Bull's Eye Cloud
Bull's-Eye Cloud. (Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory/MODIS/Aqua satellite)

With added to this La Palma added a new interesting consequences of eruption named Bull's Eye Cloud. This phenomena is caused by a atmospheric condition called Temperature Inversion - Temperature Inversion is phenomena where hot air accumulates upper stratosphere and cold air in lower.

Here, Hot air trapped plumes of eruption which caused the formation of clouds due to intense volcanic activity. Bull's-Eye Cloud contains smoke of ash, clouds and water vapours. It is also called as Gravity Wave (Nothing to get with Gravity).

Eruption of Mount Nyiragongo in Congo

Mount Nyiragongo Eruption, Congo
Eruption of Mount Nyiragongo, Congo. (Image credit: Mike Korostelev via Getty Images)

Mount Nyiragongo in Congo erupted devastatingly which forced people to cross borders of Rwanda and Sky was filled with red smoke.
Last time its was erupted in 2002, Which caused 200 fatalities and made 100,000 people homeless. Earlier tan this in 1977, Which killed 2,000 people of Goma.

In most recent eruption of 2021, No injuries were reported. Though it is one of the most active volcano in the world, It is very poorly monitored.

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