Tree Plantation will help in Limiting Global Warming

Jay Kakade

How to Limit Global Warming?

Forests are natural storages for storing carbon dioxide. Plants remove CO2 from surrounding through photosynthesis, Thereby limiting Global Warming. Trees are only living creatures that will help us to protect environment from global warming.

According to an study, Over 420 Million Hectares forest cover has converted into Agricultural land and for other purposes.
Nature can be revived by using methods of Afforestation and Reforestation (Planting Trees in existing Forests).

Most of the Nations are using Afforestation as a cure for controlling carbon. According to estimations of United Nations, Since 2015 China has bought 79 Million Hectares land into Forestation, Followed by United States 26 Million Hectares and then Russia with 20 Million Hectares.

Afforestation and Reforestation are best measures to curb damage caused by Wildfires, Locust attack and more.
More forest cover can stop soil erosion and improve wildlife habitat.

A Plant. Source: Pexels

Unfortunately, Deforestation rate beats Forestation rate. According to discovery, 10 Million Hectares forest land was cut down between 2015-2020.

Asia, Europe and North America, Who cleared more than 15% of forest cover is now facing issue of hotter day temperature.
Clearing forests releases CO2 which has contributed to 23% of all human gas emissions.

More than 80% of species of plants and animals are found in Forests. Healthier ecosystem can be created via Reforestation and Afforestation for better flourishing of Animals and Plants.
This measures add more benefits than it. It can help in preventing floods and soil erosion and increase oxygen supply, Cloud Cover and cooling of Earth.

Climate Change
An Illustration of Climate Change Impact. Source: Pixabay

According to a research by ETH Zurich, More than 900 Million Hectares of land is unused by humans worldwide. This unused land can be used as forests. This cover is enough to plant 1 Trillion Trees.

United Nations had plans to increase 3% forests cover by 2030. Planting trees is undoubtedly best precaution against global warming. As not all trees makes their way to survive, It is a gradual process.
Fir plantation can be a good choice as this plants grow quicker. Along with some Broadleaf and Conifer Mixtures.

Charles Darwin says, Plants and Animals grow better in area with variety of species. This variety help each other in various stages of their life. This thought is influencing a incline towards Reforestation. Mixed species use different chemicals and provide nutrients which helps themselves to grow faster.

Scientists are very much eager to use drone based seed plantation technology. India, China and many other nations use similar techniques. There are many start-ups like, Flash Forests planning to plant trees using drone technology.

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