Crazy but Useful Information about Honey Bees

Jay Kakade
Honey Bee

Bee, Just after listening to this name most of people imagine Scary, Annoying and Itchy when stung. Bees normally do not sting people unless they feel threatened or you accidentally stepped on it. When it jabs pointed stinger in, It releases venom, a type of proteins which causes pain, Affects immune system and skin cells.

You will be fine within few hours after stung but bees go through tough time after stinging. Bees cannot pull back barb stinger after stinging, Therefore they have to leave stinger behind. This stinger is not only defense mechanism but also forms part of bees digestive system, nerves and muscles that are crucial for bee to perform normally. So eventually Bee dies after stinging. Little disappointing right?

These tiny creatures are more than just forming honey. This animal has five eyes, two pairs of wings and six legs. They have been surviving on Earth from very long time, 130 Million years. Who knows what ancient creatures they've stung.

Honey Bee
It take lifetime for a bee to produce one teaspoon of honey. (Image Credit: Bright Side)

Bees working in hive are worker bees and a big cheese is called Queen. Queen lays around 2000 eggs per day and average hive contains 50,000 bees and just disappear after one sting. 

Sometimes you may wonder why do this creatures just mingle around. Well, They just do not mingle but they rely on a super complex transport system. Just imagine your destination is village and you don't know a location. Obviously you will go lost. But not in case of bees.
Bees link almost everything that exists, Our towns as well as forests. It's like a B railway system. And all this goes in their brain of size of just poppy seed.


How smart are they?

Scientists made an experiment in which they trained bunch of bees to play Bee soccer. They learnt to score goal in return of sweet delicious meal. They have one more amazing quality, They can recognise smelly feet and distinguish between them. They can recognise their own scent too.

Way of Communication

And now Queen Bee. She has a very unique role in hive, To lay eggs. Most of us believe queen bee tells others what to do. But actually not. Hive performs very well even in absence of Queen. All bees knows their role, task and existence. Due to instincts and chemicals they sense what to do. They have a unique way to communicate. They wiggle their lower body and sends messages to other bee.

What if Queen Dies?

In certain circumstances, If Queen doesn't manages to live and eventually died, Then worker bees raises a new young larvae by feeding it special food called Royal Jelly. That lucky larvae is a new Queen of the Hive.

Bee Queen

Hard Work of Honey Bee

Bees works at a great pace. They can flip their wings at the rate of 200 times per second. But the speed of producing of honey is way slower. A honey bee creates only a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.
To produce a teaspoon of honey, A bee has to make a trip equivalent to trip to whole Earth. This creature make 100 million trips to 200 million flowers.

For this great hard work bee sleeps five to eight hours. Scientists says they may dream while sleeping. In winter, Most of the inspects produce a chemical called Glycerol, It is like a antifreeze agent. But bees just huddle together to keep themselves warm.


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