Influence of Gravity on Biological Activities on Earth

Jay Kakade
Moon, Sun and Earth

The two astronomical objects we see in sky, Sun and The Moon do more than revolving and influencing ocean waves. It have more impact on Plants and Animals on the Earth than thought earlier.

New research states, The Gravitational Pull exerted by The Sun and The Moon severely affects flora and fauna on the Earth. But the exact mechanisms that impacts is still unknown.
The gravitational tides have capabilities to change the course of living. It can trigger our sleep, movement and growth. Though Gravitational Force of Sun and Moon is comparatively weaker, It must be considered to track biological behaviours.

According to biophysicist Cristiano de Mello Gallep from the University of Campinas, Each and every thing on Earth - Living as well as Non-living - is under the influence of Gravitation force in form of Tides.
The revolution of The Sun and The Moon, exhibit daily two tides and it changes monthly as per the position of Sun and Moon.
All living creatures has developed with respect to this situations.

The researchers team looked into the past three Studies conducted to study influence of tides.
First In 1958 - Study of Isopods 
Second in 1985 - Study on Corals
Third in 2014 - Study on Seed germination.


All the studies shows, Cyclical behaviours of the organisms can be organised in environment with absence of lightning, Temperature and Local Gravitational Tides. This experiments were successful in triggering out the behaviours of organisms.

Large Hadron Collider is used to study this Gravitational Tides. These subtle forces are quite enough to influence human sleep especially when we are unaware of whether it is a day or night.
This studies suggests, Gravitational Tides were one the leading factors that triggered Biological Activities of Flora as well as Fauna.

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