The Rings of Sun prevented Earth from Growing into Super-Earth

Jay Kakade
Sun and Its Rings
Illustration of Sun having Rings made up of Dust. (Image Credit: Andrea Isella/Rice University)

According to studies, When the planets in our Solar System have not came into existence, The Sun may be having huge and giant rings like Saturn.
This Rings of Dust around Sun may have prevented Earth from turning into a Super-Earth. According to NASA, Super-Earth is a planet with size twice than Earth and Mass 10 times of the Earth. In our Galaxy, Astronomers have discovered 30% of stars being orbited by Super-Earths.

The presence of Super-Earths around 30% of stars questioned astronomers why our Solar System doesn't have a Super-Earth. To answer this question researchers made a computer stimulation model of our Solar System. This solar system emerged from ashes of Solar Nebula.

This stimulation stated the dust region may have surrounded the sun. This regions formed high pressures when this particles were pulled by Gravitational Force of the sun and turned into vapors due to intense heating.
Stimulation suggested there would've three regions where dust particles vaporised called as Sublimation Lines.
First, Closest to sun - Solid Silicate turned into gas.
Second, Middle line - Ice turned into gas.
Third, Farthest from Sun - Carbon Monoxide turned into Gas.

Sun, Rings and Planets
(Image credit: Rajdeep Dasgupta)

Solid particles of Dust would have been accumulated into this pressure bumps. "The effect of the pressure bump is that it collects dust particles, and that's why we see rings, One needs something to stop them in order to give them time to grow into planets" says Andrea Isella.
If this pressure bumps have not existed then Sun would have grabbed this particles which may have not leaved any matter for formation of planets.

With time, The dust and the gases around the sun cooled down and sublimation lines went closer to sun. This led dust to accumulate into planetesimals, Which may have came closer to form planets.
The stimulation model shows the pressure bumps regulated the material available to form planets in inner solar system.

According to Stimulation Model, The innermost ring around sun formed inner planets like, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. Middle ring formed Outer Planets and The last ring formed Kuiper belt beyond the orbit of Neptune.

If the pressure bumps have delayed the formation of Middle Ring then Super-Earth may have came into existence in Milky Way i.e. the super-earth would have came into reality if our solar system had formed any later than it did actually.

"By the time the pressure bump formed in those cases, a lot of mass had already invaded the inner system and was available to make super-Earths, So the time when this middle pressure bump formed might be a key aspect of the solar system" Izidoro said.

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