Chamaeleon Cloud | 65 million light years wide dusty clouds

Jay Kakade
Chamaeleon Cloud
Chamaeleon Cloud. (Image Credits: NASA/ESA)

Chamaeleon Cloud

N(caps)ASA's Hubble Space Telescope have captured one more stunning galactic images. Given is the Chamaeleon Cloud I (Cha I)complex about 65 light years wide.
Given image shows the formation of stars, dazzling enigmatic reflections of nebulae glowing in bright-blue light and Herbig-Haro objects.

Basically Herbig-Haro objects are big arcs of interstellar gas which are electrified by jets emitted by "Protostars". Protostars emit such jets in due process of formation.
You can see a bright orange cloud at the bottom of this image, Which has a protostar at its centre. This protostars ejects white gases of jets which forms Herbig-Haro objects.

You can see cross shaped spikes in image, that happens when light from bright source enters Hubble Telescope's cross shaped strut. This strut is useful for formation of secondary image.

NASA has termed this cluster as failed stars. They are 90 times bigger than than mass of Jupiter. They do not have enough mass to ignite and sustain nuclear fusions in its core. NASA have found more seven such low mass brown dwarfs. Team studied Cha I as a part of search for extreme low mass dwarfs.

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