Galaxy ARP 143

Jay Kakade
Galaxy ARP 143 Image depicting Galaxy ARP 143 made up of Two Galaxies colliding with other galaxy. (Image Credit: NASA/Hubble)

There are many phenomenon happening in universe, some of these are very rare. Interaction between two galaxies which make up Arp 143 is such rare phenomenon which gives forms tsunami of star-birth. These are capable of forming new stars.

Long back in 1966,  Astronomer Halton Arp studied and made catalogues of several interacting galaxies. These reports gave idea and further research on how elliptical and normal galaxies can be distorted from each other. This also gave rise to interacting behaviour of two galaxies. It showed how new starts can be brought to birth from bursts made by galactic interaction.

Many Astronomer had different views from Halton Arp which focused on galaxies are group of symmetrical bodies. While Arp had concept of formation of new stars from these galactic interaction which was base of his reports. 

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Arp galaxy shows explosion of itself to form new stars captured from NASA's Hubble Telescope in Arp 143 system. Interaction is seen in two galaxies. These galaxies are NGC  2445 and other galaxy NGC 2444. This is Head-on interaction with fueling birth of new star which appears in triangular shaped. Galaxy NGC 2445 was seen to be more predominant in spiral formation action over galaxy NGC 2444. 

Compass Image of Galaxy ARP 143Compass Image of Galaxy ARP 143. (Image Credit: NASA/Hubble)

Astronomer suggest Arp 143 has passed each other making life formation of uniquely shaped start near Galaxy NGC 2445. Moreover thousands of stars  will form due to bursts of this Arp 143 system. It can be explained by Small galaxies or stars or black holes absorb energy from their big host astronomical body.

Arp 143 is rich in energy. Due to stable energy form, thousands of stars will be coming to life. There can be seen battles just like Tug-of-war between both galaxies. However Galaxy NGC 2444 appears to be winning and slowly absorbing energy from galaxy NGC 2445. Still gravitational force has not made energy escape the system of Arp 143. This phenomenon are simultaneously interacting with each other.

Astronomer response to these interaction was noted. They expressed this phenomenon of Arp 143, formation of new star is not uncommon or rare but formation of giant triangular shaped near NGC 2444 is very mysterious to us. Both the galaxies are very near to one other but still carrying out formation under strong gravitational force.

NGC 2444 which is invisible, hot gas galaxy is absorbing energy from NGC 2445 from its core nucleus.  It also gave rise to triangular structure from past ring. It is clarified that NGC 2444 is more responsible and absorbing energy from its partner which is big blue star. This can seen bright in the image.

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