James Webb telescopes uses Black Colour Paint to cool itself

Jay Kakade
james webb
Nasa has successfully built stronger, modern and highly specified telescopes than before, James Webb telescopes is now most precise telescopes to look deeper into universe for surprising Mysteries and uncovers the question of dark and blank universe.
James Webb has feature that beats former Hubble telescope. James Webb not only has high powered lens that can magnify and get clear images of objects that lie several million light years from solar system.

In the series of Elements of Webb, YouTube series has uncovered the principle that uses the radiation of light of several wavelength to make itself remain cool in space and protect from highly radiated light waves emitted from sun and outer space bodies.

James Webb has designed through use of black paint similar to black body that absorb almost all light particles falling on it and uses to cool itself. As per thermodynamics, object having white paint absorb less energy and reflect most of it system while black coated bodies work exactly opposite to this law, black bodies absorb most of light particles falling on it and tend to reflect very less amount of energy.

Nasa researchers used this principle and made an outcome for James Webb to cool from solar storms, flares and light waves from sun.

James Webb is divided into two parts as Cold and Hot part. The hot part generally protect its cold part that consist of all the processing part that help scientists to explore more data. Hot part is made of black painted coating with resistance to high temperature making it successful to maintain the temperature.

Both of this parts are separated by Spacecraft sunshield which has very specific usage in James Webb telescopes. Apart from this, cold part has it extra radiator to keep itself cool in certain conditions .The video provided deep explanation of working with gold mirrors along with dark paint for James Webb telescopes for necessary setup for use and its application.

The cold side of telescopes has extreme freezing temperatures of 388 Fahrenheit or minus 288 degree Celsius. You may wonder, why it need to have such cold system needed but true explanation lies within telescopes working.

James Webb absorbs infrared light waves that can interfere with the images and data in will capture for observation. In accordance to this problem, it was needed to maintain cool.

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