Solar Storms destroys 40 SpaceX satellites

Jay Kakade
Solar Storm

On Thursday, SpaceX has launched 49 Star link satellites of which 40 satellites were destroyed by Solar Storms. Most of these satellites are falling back on Earth.

SpaceX has assured there is no need to worry about the collision of this satellites. All this satellites will be evaporated in upper atmosphere when they start to fall back.

According to SpaceX, "High velocity of Solar Storms caused atmosphere to become warn and increase deployment altitudes. Speed and destructiveness Solar Storms were at least 50% more than the previous launches.
SpaceX team tried to reduce Drag to minimise destruction. But Solar Storms were powerful enough to destroy 40 satellites and send this satellites back into Earth's orbit."

Though 40 Star link Satellites are destroyed but there are nine more satellites that will be on work for Star link service.

SpaceX has claimed the deorbited Satellites pose no threat or danger to any other satellites. No debris will make its way to collide with ground.
Team has said by structure demise, There are no orbital debris too.

Earlier, Scientists and some researchers have been complaining SpaceX and its space debris for blocking the Constellation View. Now again SpaceX satellites were bought into news by Solar Storm destruction.

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