Merger of this two black holes will cause disturbances in Space-Time

Jay Kakade
Two Black Holes merger An illustration of two black holes which will merge causing disturbances in Space-Time.(Image credit: Caltech/ R. Hurt)

Astronomers have discovered two black holes named PKS 2131-021 which will collide in the next 10,000 years in a violent way. Waves released after collision will have a huge impact and disturbances on Space-Time.

According to an article published Feb. 23 in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, a pair of black holes PKS 2131-021 are 9 billion light years away from us.
NASA claims that black holes have steadily moved towards each other from the last 100 million years. They share a binary orbit and both orbit each other after every two years.

As they are steadily moving towards each other, they are likely to merge in the next 10,000 years from now. This merger will generate huge gravitational waves which will travel across the universe. These ripple waves of Space-Time were first predicted by Albert Einstein.

Researchers say, though the merger will be violent, we will have no impact on it. Studying PKS 2131-021 we will get a glimpse of what happens when two black holes collide and how a supermassive black hole is formed.

Supermassive black holes are very dense objects with massive gravitational pull, and can be millions of times bigger than our Sun. It is believed every galaxy has a black hole at its centre.

Binary Black Hole system 
 Animation of binary black hole system swirling around each other. Larger black hole blasts jets of matter.(Image credit: Caltech)

Astronomers don't know what causes black holes to grow so big, but one possibility is the merger of two black holes. This hypothesis can be checked after studying PKS 2131-021.
PKS 2131-021 is considered as a special type of object called a Blazar. Basically, Blazar is a black hole that explodes supercharged particles towards Earth.

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