Amazing Facts that are Actually False Myths

Jay Kakade
There are more than two million species of animals on Earth. They are full of facts and also of myths. Some are born with shells while some acquires it. Some eats only a type of plant while some can drink even salt water.

Sea Turtle
Sea Turtle. (Image Credit: Pixabay)

Snails born with Shell

People tend to confuse snails with slugs. They believe snails are slugs with a shell. Slugs don't need any protective layer like shell, but snails do. Actually, snails are born with shell and can't survive without it.

Snail has its internal organs connected to shell therefore, snail die in case of damage to it. Still, snail can repair small stacks to shell with some enzyme secretion. Snails shell grow and hardens with time. Unlike hermit crab which changes shell periodically.

While slugs are free living creatures that don't need any shell to survive. They can squeeze their internal organs. So, they can get into unlikely conditions like in bark or stone cracks too.

Turtles live up to 50 years

Turtle is very much similar to Snail. Both can’t live their shells and are born with it. Turtle’s skeleton is covered with hard shell that grows with turtle itself.

Many people believe that turtles do not live longer. This is a myth that causes deaths of turtles due to less veteran caring. Turtle has average lifespan of 25 years and can live up to 50 years.

Koalas feed on only Eucalyptus

Koalas eat only leaves of Eucalyptus. There are over 600 types of eucalyptus and Koalas feed on only 30 of them. So, raising a koala must be backed some specific types of trees.

Koalas resemble a similar feature to cats i.e., Koalas too sleep for 18-20 hours a day.

Polar Bears has black skin

Polar bears have white furs but the skin under the fur is black. Black colour absorbs the sunlight more than anyone else. While white colour allows to pass the rays transparently.

White furs are just be disguise polar bears when they are on the hunt. It is a type of adaptation by polar bear.

Cats and Dogs

People believe that dogs and cats see this world in black and white. But in reality, they can’t distinguish between some colours.

Dogs can see shades of different colours better than humans, while cats have amazing visual prowess, they need seven times less light than humans to see in the dark.

Giraffes aren’t mute

Earlier, it was thought that giraffes were mute. But researchers found they make low frequency sound in night to communicate with each other. During day they don’t even utter a sound. In case of danger, they warn each other by moving their eyebrows. But during night, they can’t see eyebrows. Therefore, they communicate in low frequency sounds.

Researchers also found a peculiar sleeping pattern of Giraffes. They sleep at nights and take small naps in afternoon. They sleep about five hours a day.

Herd of giraffe is called a Tower

Seagull drinks salt water

Seagulls actually drink salt water. They have salt secreting glands near their eyes that purifies water very quickly. Salty residue is thrown out in form of snot. Male penguin kind of propose female

Adelie Penguins are really kind of romantic. They usually have only one partner in entire life. Male Penguin gives female penguin a smooth stone (like an engagement ring). Same as girls, female penguins can accept the proposal or can reject.

Foxes – Good father and husband

Red Fox. (Image Credit: Pixabay)
Same as Adelie Penguins, Male foxes too are romantic. They devote their whole life to one female partner. They take good care of their offspring, look after females and also even cleans her.

In case female fox dies, male fox leaves for his entire life single. But when male fox dies, female goes on to look for another partner.

Dolphins sleep with one eye open

Researchers have found that Dolphin can sleep with one eye open. This open eye is for closing looking for signs of dangers. It is like one half of the brain is sleeping while other half working.

Besides this, Dolphins actually do control their breathing. They can drown if their whole brain is in sleep mode.

Sea Otters – Best Sleepers

Sea Otters are one of the best sleepers among all animals. During summers, due to heat, they spend all the time in water. They swim on their back and sleep in same position.

Babies sleep on mothers’ stomach, while two adults hold each other by paws, so that they don’t get carried away by water.

Ostrich don’t bury their heads

There is a famous idiom To Hide One’s Head in Sand. But in reality, ostrich don’t do that. Actually, Ostriches has to dig holes to bury their eggs as they can’t fly.

In order to not overheat eggs, ostriches rotate eggs with their heads. But in case of any danger, they flop into sand and stay still perfectly for hours.

Cats understands our commands

Researchers played voice recordings and filmed cats to understand do really cats understands our commands. When cats heard voice of owner, they flipped their tail, paws or pupils, but rarely responds to it.

Actually, Cats came to humans by attracting to mice that ate grains. But earlier people never tamed any cats.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Number of Species of Animals?

There are more than 8.7 million species including plants amd animals. Ot of which two million species are of animals on Earth.

Are Snails Born with Shell?

Actually, snails are born with shell and can't survive without it. In case of severe injury to shell, snail dies.

Are Snails Born with Shell?

Actually, snails are born with shell and can't survive without it. In case of severe injury to shell, snail dies.

What type of plants do Koalas Feed on?

Actually, Koalas feed only on Eucalyptus leaves. There are over 600 types of eucalyptus and Koalas feed on only 30 of them.

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