Are There Any Lost Civilizations in the Past?

Jay Kakade
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When we think of an alien civilization, we tend to look into the enormity of space and planets at enormous distances. Though we are not successful in this regard.

But there may be another direction which may have been neglected by us. This neglected path can be Time.

Could it be that there were other civilizations that once existed in deep soil on Earth? Over the millions of years, they could have gone extinct and got buried under deepness of soil. If so, we could be able to find their fossils beneath the surface.

Sadly, we have no other civilizations to look into except one i.e., human civilization. It is believed that life began around 4 billion years ago on Earth. But unicellular. It is around 540 million years ago multicellular animals came into existence.

Humans were merely hunters and gatherers for most of our history. Approximately 10,000 years ago, the agricultural revolution changed the nature of humankind. It is the period that brought settled life. In the modern era, around 1,800 CE industrialization started.

We can say that the humans went through three phases. Gathers > Agriculturists > Industrialists.

Oldest surface we know is the desert of Negev, which is 1.8 million years old. All that is older than it is either under soil or under oceans.

What if the earlier civilizations too went through such stages? What traces could we find? Can we learn anything by looking at ourselves?

Why haven't we found their traces yet?

Hunters and Gatherers Alien Civilizations

According to a publication by Nature, we know that millions of years ago, there were species that were hunters and gatherers. Our ancestors like homo sapiens and erectus and other brothers like Neanderthals and also many more that we are not able to find are lost forever.

They have left us their skeletons, tools, weapons and art. They existed in large numbers but still we are able to find only a handful of fossils. This may suggest that there were other members too.

According to an article, if such artifacts or even huge constructs too are left under soil for thousands of years, then nothing will be left for future generations to dig up. They will be eroded completely by biological processes.

As stated earlier, despite the large numbers of animals we extract only a handful of fossils. So maybe we could miss them.

Farming and Agriculture Alien Civilization

Phase of agriculture has left us much more to be dug up. Humans used more stubborn tools for farming and there were thousands of tools to feed millions of people.

Agriculture allowed them to learn more about writing, trade, architecture, navigation and empire building. Many empires were built which sustained for thousands of years. Many ancient monuments like pyramids were built in this period and are still there.

Though some were destroyed like Nalanda university, some sustained and will still stand for more than a thousand years. As a large population lived in agriculture and the empire period, we can expect more artefacts to be unearthed.

So, we can say confidently that no other civilization existed millions of years ago, otherwise we would have found something that they left, like our ancestors did. But here comes another window showing if intelligent creatures existed even billions of years ago then there are chances their kingdoms even advanced materials would have rotten or destroyed over the period. Even if they dug canals or built huge cities, it would be hard to distinguish them from natural places.

Or, ancient alien civilization existed under water in the form of octopus, squid or other creatures and they never came up on land. Maybe they never got industrialised, they never made any societies or kingdoms.

Reason for not getting advanced maybe they never got any chance. They disappeared with a single blow of an asteroid as it happened with dinosaurs.

Unfortunately, we do not have any such traces of civilizations. After a few hundreds of years, their achievements will be dusted into soil forever.

Industrialised Alien Civilization

What if there was a civilization that was as advanced as we humans do. They too knew the formula of e=mc2 and were able to go into outer space. If so, their impact on earth will not be dissolved so easily.

Imagine if we humans died out of pandemic or atomic explosions. What would remain? Number of fossils of cats, dogs, cows and other animals will show a large surge in a graph.

According to a report by Britannica, our structures too will be dusted after a few million years. But as humans live, there will be some traces visible to future civilizations. Traces like mines will surely be a huge discovery for future civilizations. Plastic at sea surface too will survive for next million years. Radioactive elements and bacteria that do not exist outside the lab.

So, we have already made our signs of presence in history. But we have not found any such traces of other alien civilizations than us. We found no radioactive elements or mass extinction to prove the existence of industrialists’ alien civilization.

Also a nuclear warfare can reverse the phenomena of global warming and bringing back the Ice Age faced by our ancestors. If such conditions prevailed at the time of last civilization, then too we will be not able to find out fossils left.

This is because an nuclear war will lower the earth's temperature by blocking the sunlight.
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