The Places that seems to disobey with Gravitation

Jay Kakade
According to Wikipedia, gravity or gravitation, is a natural phenomenon by which all things with mass or energy, including planets, stars, galaxies and even light, are attracted to one another. It is universal phenomenon that exists everywhere on earth (but not uniform).

Though it is a universal force, still there are some places that seems to disobey with gravitational force. (We are not saying gravity don’t exist. Just these places show some peculiar observations. Here gravity behaves in very unusual way.)

1. Crooked Forest, Poland

Crooked Forest
Crooked Forest, Poland (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Crooked Forest located near the town of Gryfino, West Pomerania in Poland is a grove of 400 pine trees with unnatural curve which were planted in 1930. Bark is bend three to nine feet sideways from the base.

Naturally, Pine trees grow at sharp right angle to north. But these trees show no resemblance to nature. Still all these trees are healthy and have grown to 50 feet. Experts have put forward many theories. But still, we have no actual reason behind such phenomenal activity.

Theory one says, it is a unique Gravitational Anomaly. But gravity pushes object downward not at sideward curve.

Theory two says, it is due to snowfall that occurred during sprouting of this trees. But then why snowfall only affect these trees and spared other trees surrounding.

Theory three says, local farmers manipulated tree growth by applying force. But to bring out such huge change in growth, force must be gentle and be applied to years. In addition, why anyone will try to grow pines in such weird way.

2. Magnetic Hill, India

Magnetic Hill
Magnetic Hill

Magnetic Hill is a hill located in Leh, India. It is believed that there is a sort of magnetic field that causes an unusual phenomenon. This activity attracts huge number of visitors.

There is an inclined road that roll up car to elevated area, acting against gravity. Here, a car or a bike can achieve speed of 20 km/hr without accelerating. It is said, here planes too are elevated.

But experts say, this area’s surrounding and slope creates an illusion. The road is actually going downhill but illusion makes it appear as uphill.

3. Faroe Island Waterfall

Faroe Island Waterfall
Faroe Island Waterfall (Image Credit: TripAdvisor)

Have you ever seen a waterfall that actually is water-rise? Yes, the waterfall Faroe Island is a waterfall that seems to move water upward. Unlike two places mentioned above, we have explanation for this phenomenon.

The winds here are too strong that moves water upward (not to the mouth of waterfall), and creates an illusion that looks as water is elevated. Though this is not the only place where winds create illusion of disobeying to gravity.

There is a kinder river waterfall in England. Here the winds are too powerful that hardly allows water to reach the ground. Water here seems to fly over the land.

4. Hoover Dam in Nevada

Hoover Dam
Hoover Dam, Nevada (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Just like the Faroe Island and Kinder Lake, Hoover Dam too shows similar characteristics. When water is poured from top of the dam i.e., from 221 metres, water seems to be poured upward rather than downward.

Here too the winds are so strong that lifts water. But just here it looks little more amazing.

5. Golden Rock, Myanmar

Golden Rock
Golden Rock, Myanmar (Image Credit: Wikipedia)

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda also known as Golden Rock is a Buddhist pilgrim. But here is a rock covered with golden leaves. The rock touches only few inches of its part to ground and seems like it will fall anytime.

Though it seems like falling, but is standing for centuries on the hill. In addition, a pagoda is built on the top of the rock. The structure is very ancient and is still standing.

As we stated, this are just some places that seems to disobey with gravity. But in reality these places just create some illusions or uses natural forces to do so.

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