Insane Random Facts (FABULOUS)

Jay Kakade

Facts sometimes called universal truths are the realities that are in existence, but most of us tend to be unaware of it.

Get ready to be on a journey where each paragraph will represent a new random fact or universal truths.

Facts - Random, Animal, Space and More

According to a new report, millions of the trees are planted by squirrels. They bury fruits and later forgets where they hid it. Which later grows as a new tree.

Do you know, there are no muscles in our fingers. The movement and functions of fingers are controlled by the muscles in the palm and arms.

According to the British Heart Foundation, An adult has 60,000 miles of blood vessels. If we connect it to each other, it will round earth twice.

Mosquitoes can be considered as the deadliest animals. They carry a number of diseases in them and kill more humans than any other creature does.

Do you know, the most important and most hard working muscle in humans is Heart. It pumps 2,000 gallons of blood each day and beats about 2.5 billion times in one lifespan.

Vultures are scavengers and after eating rotten meat, they urinate on their own legs. Their urine is capable enough to disinfect their legs from bacterias.

It was believed that water exists only in one form at a time. But recently, scientists found a stage where water can exist in all three forms i.e., Liquid, Solid and Gaseous at the same time.

According to some reports of monetary organisations, there is approximately 40 Trillion dollars in circulation. This circulation includes physical as well as virtual money.

Do you know, there is the same amount of water as it was when Earth formed. About 69% of water is covered by glaciers and 10% of Earth is covered by it.

Till 1896, India was the only source of Diamonds. Till then, India was the place where diamonds were mined. After 1896, South Africa was discovered.

It is said that the reason why we wake up after death in sleep, is even our brain doesn’t know what is after death.

A girl named Su Naing claims to have the smallest waist in the world. Her waist measures to only 13.7 inches.

In our eyes, there is a small hole called the lacrimal punctum. This hole carries tears to the nose, this is the reason why there is a runny nose when crying.

Crocodiles can run faster on land than water. But they can’t turn them very quickly. Therefore, it is suggested to run in zig-zag line when chased by a crocodile.

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