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Clan Capital Base Layout
Image via Supercell

On 2nd May, Supercell introduced a new update i.e. Clan Capital. In this update a clan will work together to create districts and compete with each other.

As the new village seems to be interesting, there is a rush for clan capital base Layouts. So, this article will give a stop for the rush and show you the best clan capital layouts with links.

Clan Capital Base Layout

This article will provide clan capital base layouts and designs from Capital Peak to Barbarian Camp. The base layouts will be all max and very hard to be defeated.

Clan Capital Base Layout Link

Capital Peak Base Layout

Barbarian Camp Base Layout

At present there are 10 levels of Capital Peak, below given is the base layout for it. As far now the base has remained unbeaten. Usually the base takes 5 attacks to defeat, but this base takes more than 6 attacks to do.

Clan Capital Base Layout

Speciality of the base is that initially the base will require breaking walls. In order to destroy walls, attackers will have to take at least three Battle Rams. Three sets will be occupied here itself.

This will have the advantage of wasting their set and one attack. Here, the major defences like inferno, Rocket Artillery and Blast Bow are protected.

These defences will take down the attacking troops. This strategy is very common, but no one uses it. Inferno will be so beneficial as the surrounding defences too are very powerful.

Clan Capital Base Layout Level 2

Clan Capital Base Layout

This clan capital base layout (level 2) looks so wonderful and powerful as well. The base has been made in such a way that the troops keep on circulating, and defences will get time to attack the troops.

Main defences like the infernos, blast bow and rocket artillery are at the centre and very lethal to troops that are busy attacking other defences.

When the base is penetrated, the Capital Peak too will be in charge of attacking with its powerful eagle artillery type attack.

Clan Capital Base Layout Level 3

Clan Capital Base Layout

This Clan Capital Base Layout (level 3) includes diversely spread buildings and defences. The idea is simple but very powerful. It takes time for troops to attack the base and destroy surrounding buildings, in order to reach the defences.

So the attacker has no choice but to take a simple army of either barbarians or sneaky archers. When these troops attack buildings, our defences will look out for them.

Clan Capital Hall 2 Base Layout

Capital Hall 2 Base Layout Link

In clan capital, the Capital Hall 2 is Barbarian Camp. Here are Capital Hall 2 Base Layouts. The base layouts for the barbarian camp are not so powerful, but this design shall work.

Clan Capital Base Layout

This base layout though seems to be very simple, the design makes it hard for attackers to easily destroy districts. The troops will have no chance to take down district hall very soon.

The buildings and walls have protected the heart of base and defences are surrounded by the walls. The wall protects the defences from giants.

But the air troops make their way very easily. There rapid balloons are used. They take down the air troops quickly, without causing any damage.

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